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Fuck You

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Fuck You”

  • Understand the struggle, my status is far above you, Your sub par and ignorant, and heres the difference, I put my stress on these tracks, exposing my innocence, while you fabricate your world, money and independence, Ive previewed life, your future already exist in my past, Ive been where you look forward to, you stare through the glass, Ive already said this, distorted the image, givin the negatives, The facts is precedent, and most of you catz cant handle it, This world is grimy, a str8 toilet, your swimming in shit, I leave the seat fresh, nice feces and youre here to please me, My name Killer is symbolic, ironic to the actual meaning, I destroy clowns lyrically, but you still find it demeaning, Im at a Critical state in my world and uncoiling the truth You have honestly reached pinnacles, but I consider that tabloid news, Chorus I find the world harsh, None dependable, trying to a make a friend of you, the world holds you back and your life is Expendable. Verse 2 Killer Ive met with the worst, the best at committing the crimes... The vainest prison inmates, and most consistent with nines, Bush We them Satanist murderous, burglars, and deranged in public, Toxic to child intuition, pushing for war, you cant touch us Killer We release hideous rapist, let them savagely rage pain on earth, We promote abortion clinic bombings, fuck you and you birth, Bush Read the name and stare in my eyes, your 18 then pack your bags, Your off to fight in my war, support uncle sam over in Bagdad, Killer You sign up or We put one in your dome, cuz yeah we are prone... To roll in the back of your Ford Truck and follow you home Bush Get moms and pops, they can serve your punishment, This is Satan a.k.a. Bush I dont understand your astonishment, We gave you that government grant to get your Brother free Embalmment. Killer A yo man you can't talk to them like that, who do you expects going to fight in our war.--Stupid ass Chorus. Bush A yo fuck politics, and hormone drivin hippocrits, This Bush speaking, money is power, how do I benefit? I need digits, the economies down, lets hit Compton, Thats where all the moneys around, I need something, Like Clinton sold drugs, I need those same connects, I need underground weapons, teflon and techs, I got snipers, the CIA, and bombs at my disposal, Actually thats not a bluff, you wanna be my opposal, So when you fuck with Bush and mutherfucking Admins. Just think about Welfare check coming to a brutal end. A yo this ain't my regular style but it's best to try something new. I need feed back my niggas. 1 Atheist

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