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Change A Heart, Change The World

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  • Every dreamer has dreamed of a perfect life I know the world has been trying for years to get it right We try and try, but find it impossible to do Don't you wish we could make this a better place Can't you see that we must live life a different way Every day, imagine what love could turn this to Wanna change the world, then change your mind We'll light the darkness one life at a time When we change a heart We change the world A spark of love could turn into a fire bright as the sun If you change a heart today Then that could change a million tomorrows What started as a whisper will echo on and on When we change a heart We change the world A voice is waking a heart to the light of day A tiny flicker of hope can push the night away It's safe to say a caring heart brings another back Can you fathom a world where we open up Can you picture the day we've all been dreaming of Live and love like right now is all we really have Wanna change the world, then change your mind We'll find forever one day at a time You might think it's crazy But that's alright with me It's gonna take some time to find the way But I believe...

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