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Melody (crd)


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Melody (crd)”

  • MELODY ROLLING STONES PLAY BARRE CHORDS WITH A "SHUFFLE" TYPE FEELING INTRO: C* CHORD - not sure what G G7 D D7 C C* -- 2x`s this chord is called. (Two, one, two) E -6- B -5- CHORUS: G -5- G G7 D D7 C C7 D -5- Melody (Melody) it was her second name A -3- G G7 D D7 C C7 E -3- Melody (Melody) it was her second name G G7 D D7 C C* Melody (Melody) it was her second name G G7 D D7 C C7 Melody (Melody) it was her second name VERSE: G D C C7 G Came home one morning about quarter to three G D C C7 G I`m bangin` on my door `cause I just lost my key C C7 G7 A Open up, baby, you got someone else inside D (N.C.) D (N.C.) I`m gonna come and get ya dead or alive CHORUS: VERSE: I took her out dancin` but she drank away my cash She said, I`m gonna fix my face, don`t you worry I`ll be back I `m looking for her high and low, like a mustard for a ham She was crashed down in the bathroom In the arms of my best friend CHORUS: VERSE: Then one day she left me, she took everything that moved My car, she took my trailer home, she took my Sunday boots My nose is on her trail, I`m gonna catch her by surprise And then I`m gonna have the pleasure To roast that child alive CHORUS: PLAY CHORUS TO FADE OUT "SCATTING" ALL THE WAY - IMPROVISE ON LYRICS - any questions, comments or corrections e-mail me at: guitarzan7@hotmail.com

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