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Tell Me You`re Coming Back (crd)


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Tell Me You`re Coming Back (crd)”

  • #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 09:50:07 PDT From: DON CZAR Subject: r/rolling_stones/tell_me_youre_coming_back.crd SONG: TELL ME (YOU`RE COMING BACK) ARTIST: ROLLING STONES TABBED BY: DON CZARSKI E-MAIL: guitarzan7@hotmail.com DATE: FEBRUARY 24,1998 TELL ME (YOU`RE COMING BACK) ROLLING STONES FROM THE ALBUM: MORE HOT ROCKS - BIG HITS AND FAZED COOKIES B INTRO: 2x`s E -------x-------------------------------------- B -------x-------------------------------------- G -------8---9--8------8------------------------ D -------9---------11--------------------------- A -------9-------------------------------------- E -------7-------------------------------------- VERSE: B F# I want you back again B F# I want your love again D# E F# B I know you find it hard to reason with me D# E But this time it`s diff`rent F# Darling you`ll see CHORUS: B You gotta tell me you`re coming back to me G#m You gotta tell me you`re coming back to me B You gotta tell me you`re coming back to me G#m You gotta tell me you`re coming back to me VERSE: You said we`re through before You walked out on me before I tried to tell you But you didn`t want to know This time you`re diff`rent And determined to go CHORUS: INSTRUMENTAL: same chords as verse CHORUS: VERSE: I wait as the days go by I long for the nights to go by I hear the knock on my door that never comes I hear the telephone that hasn`t rung CHORUS: 2x`s then fade any comments or suggestions e-mail me DON CZARSKI at: guitarzan7@hotmail.com

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