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Too Tight (crd)


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Too Tight (crd)”

  • #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 09:46:58 PDT From: DON CZAR Subject: r/rolling_stones/too_tight.crd SONG: TOO TIGHT ARTIST: ROLLING STONES ALBUM: BRIDGES TO BABYLON TAB BY: DON CZARSKI E-MAIL: guitarzan7@hotmail.com TOO TIGHT ROLLING STONES INTRO: USE BARRE CHORDS G C G - 5x`s THEN Am Am Am C Bm G -- 4x`s CHORUS: G D G Am Am Am C Bm G Baby don`t get too tight with me G D Em Yes you`re far too tight for me VERSE: Bm I got your messages Am And how can I resist Bm But if you come around Am G Don`t slap the cuffs upon my wrist CHORUS: G D G G C G Baby you`re too tight for me ( I warn you ) Yeah G D Em Far too tight for me Yeah VERSE: Untie those sheep shanks, yes And all those fancy knots I`m not Houdini, honey C`mon now and loosen up INTERLUDE: G Tight C G Too tight C G Too tight C G Too tight VERSE: Yeah, don`t try to reel me in With all those charm school looks I`ve seen it all a thousand times I sung that song, I wrote that fucking book INSTRUMENTAL: SOLO OVER - G D G ; G D Em Bm Am Bm Am G VERSE: Do yourself a favor now Don`t drive me `round the block Let`s split another bottle, now Let`s take a hit, loosen up CHORUS: G D G Don`t get too tight on me G D Em `Cause I`m, I`m bound so tight I can`t breathe VERSE: We`ll watch the sun go down Upon the swollen sea ( Aahhhhhh ) If you try to chain me up I`ll vanish like a broken dream OUTRO: Don`t get so tight G C G -- to fade Don`t get so tight Too tight any questions, comments or corrections e-mail to: guitarzan7@hotmail.com

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