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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Flying Home”

  • Am Who are you Who am I F C Is it real to touch the sky Dm Am Nothing's real for the sky, - E Am Said the birds of paradise. I'am afraid, can't you see Tell me, where you carry me You will soon realize - Said the birds of paradise. -- Припев: F Flying home, flying home C To the land that you once had known, Dm To the peace that once was true E Am For a little girl like you. Flying home, flying home From the world that is made of stone Till your heart is light and free Like it once was meant to be. -- How I can go ahead, When my eyes are becoming wet Save your tears Dry your eyes - Said the birds of paradise. By the time is passing by Say, how long do we have to fly Moon will set - sun will rise - Said the birds of paradise. -- Припев: -- Watch the sun And here's the light Now I know what I've heard was right Morning sun can make you wise, - Said the birds of paradise.

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