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The Moon Upstairs


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “The Moon Upstairs”

  • (ian hunter/mick ralphs) Well my brother he was a drinking man And I asked him for release He said this wont do you no good And sent for the police Well they busted me for nothing Cos they said I was insane So they let my body go But they locked away my brain Well I wandered freely as a bird that had broken both its wings And I hated them and they hated me and I hated everthing And I realise that to survive well my body is not mine And I feel neglected feel rejected Living in the wrong time And to those of you who always laugh Let this be your epitaph And my head is down and Im called a clown by comedians that grace The living stage of every page of worthless meaningless space But I swear to you before were though youre gonna feel our every blow We aint bleeding you were feeding you but youre too f*cking slow And to those of you who always laugh Let this be your epitaph

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