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Simple Design


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Simple Design”

  • I live a chemical life I'm on a mission inside You went insane for a day I'll have to shove it away My only option is gone Smile as they break and they fall You want a simpler life You can't erase what was right [Pre-Chorus:] You must be out of your mind! This was a simple design! You fuck it up everytime How could you leave me behind [Chorus:] It's alright, it's alright 'cause I know what you want but you'll just have to wait If I had it to give I would give it away I'm living it up while I'm falling from grace There's no way that I'm running away I'm used to making it best Making it folding and wet You wanna know what it was Now as I lay there it's gone You fall apart at the seams I'll never know what it means Try not to pull it apart Your anger straight from the heart [pre-chorus] [chorus] It had to be the worst for me I don't know what to say so let be And now I find you left me behind I don't know what to say so nevermind! You're wrong! [chorus]

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