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Julen Ar Har Igen

  • Исполнитель:

    The Rasmus
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Julen Ar Har Igen”

  • It all started up when I was fighting with a cop. At least I could stop. I guess I couldn't stop. Hey, I'm the voice now 'n' you have only one choice. I will make you choose my, my, my, my stooooory. No, I'm not fading, not even hesitating. Still I'm gonna stay, if you would say That this is the law 'n' you better obey me, I'm gonna teach you. Shut up! Or else I'm gonna spit you to the face. Shut up! Or else I'm gonna treat you like a cop. Kick you to the head, as long as you are dead. My dick says "swing" when you hit me with that black thing. Go! Making love is a waste of time. Let me make you see this case from my side. We ain't here for any trouble, can you break a bubble Bam, bam, zidili. You were so dumb that you wouldn't go with the flow home, when I told. Let me make you to be welcome to the world where is not so bad, There is no thing called cop, who don't give a fuck about Nothing else but his own fucking duties. That thing just took me down.

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