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Highs Without Lows

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Highs Without Lows”

  • [ the experience of life shows different ways...] [sometimes up... sometimes down] when you told me that i've been here before can't remember, can't say much more can't resist the call and hide my reality our diefferent thoughts my blurred imagery don't know why i and what i'm waiting for i should belive and not ignore a perfect foil to try and understand, not to give up, not a helpless end as long as i'm comin' through you leave me confused i've been hurt this way before you can't bring me down no more when evreything's out of my mind out of what was left behind i would have liked to say i know cause no one has the hights without lows now i'm leaving for and passing out the blame i'm sick of being down, it's time to be the same the cutting silence thats every thing i hear all alone but my pain won't disappear and my trust in all the words to say will never make a difference anyway and the time has now come to do me wrong, may someone else ask you what you've done here i am to save my soul not to be just left behind deranged not lose control it will ease my mind

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