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    Machine Head
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “bulldozer”

  • Into the battles, making cages rattle Theres a pain thats inside us and were letting it out Charge right in, we dare to fail No one is giving in, always we live to win A hunger turns and burns inside of all of us And it will not be denied Walking a path untraveled to reach higher level Challenging always going against the grain Blood for blood - that is the rule And we will make the rules, never be fortunes fool Theres right and wrong in almost everything we do For us we do what is right Bulldozer feeds upon the weaker as they fall Bulldozer crushes all Somebody told me I should do what they told me But theres a hole in that plan and Im tearing it down Trust our guts, follow our hearts No one can break these nuts, these lips aint kissing butts The path of most resistance tests all of our strength This strength will not be denied Bulldozer feeds upon the weaker as they fall Bulldozer crushes all Bulldozer feeds upon the weaker as they fall Bulldozer crushes all Walking on paths untraveled Challenging one and all Deeper into the battles Alone and standing tall The more evolving changes The more we stay the same Full steam against the odds Go headfirst against the grain Full steam we go against the odds Headfirst we go against the grain Bulldozer goes against the odds Bulldozer goes against the grain Against the odds, against the grain We go against the odds, against the grain This is the bulldozer This is the bulldozer

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