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Save The Life Of My Child


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Save The Life Of My Child”

  • "Good God! Don't jump!"
    A boy sat on the ledge.
    An old man who had fainted was revived.
    And everyone agreed it would be a miracle indeed
    If the boy survived.

    "Save the life of my child!"
    Cried the desperate mother.

    The woman from the supermarket
    Ran to call the cops.
    "He must be high on something," someone said.
    Though it never made The New York Times.
    In The Daily News, the caption read,
    "Save the life of my child!"
    Cried the desperate mother.

    A patrol car passing by
    Halted to a stop.
    Said officer MacDougal in dismay:
    "The force can't do a decent job
    'Cause the kids got no respect
    For the law today (and blah blah blah)."

    "Save the life of my child!"
    Cried the desperate mother.
    "What's becoming of the children?"
    People asking each other.

    When darkness fell, excitement kissed the crowd
    And made them wild
    In an atmosphere of freaky holiday.
    When the spotlight hit the boy,
    The crowd began to cheer,
    He flew away.

    "Oh, my Grace, I got no hiding place."

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