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Trisha Yearwood

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Тексты песен и аккорды

  1. A Lover Is Forever

  2. Baby Don't You Let Go

  3. Believe Me Baby (I Lied)

  4. Bring Me All Your Lovin'

  5. Come Back When It Ain't Rainin'

  6. Cowboys Are My Weakness

  7. Down On My Knees

  8. Drown Me

  9. Everybody Knows

  10. Fairytale

  11. Fools Like Me

  12. For A While

  13. Georgia Rain

  14. Gimme The Good Stuff

  15. Harmless Heart

  16. Heart Like A Sad Song

  17. Hearts In Armor

  18. Heaven, Heartache And The Power Of Love

  19. Hello, I'm Gone

  20. Help Me

  21. I Did

  22. I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners

  23. I Don't Want To Be The One

  24. I Need You

  25. I Wanna Go Too Far

  26. I Want To Live Again

  27. I Would've Loved You Anyway

  28. I'll Still Love You More

  29. I'm Still Alive

  30. It's Alright

  31. Let The Wind Chase You

  32. Like We Never Had A Broken Heart

  33. Little Hercules

  34. Lonesome Dove

  35. Love Alone

  36. Love Let Go

  37. Love Me Or Leave Me Alone

  38. Love Wouldn't Lie To Me

  39. Maybe It's Love

  40. Melancholy Blue

  41. Never Let You Go Again

  42. Not A Bad Thing

  43. Nothin 'Bout Memphis

  44. Nothin' About You Is Good For Me

  45. O Mexico

  46. On A Bus To St. Cloud

  47. One Love

  48. Pistol

  49. Powerful Thing

  50. Real Live Woman

  51. River Of You

  52. Sad Eyes

  53. Second Chance

  54. She's In Love With The Boy

  55. Sing You Back To Me

  56. Some Days

  57. Something So Right

  58. Standing Out In A Crowd

  59. Sweet Love

  60. That Ain't The Way I Heard It

  61. That's What I Like About You

  62. The Dreaming Fields

  63. The Restless Kind

  64. The Song Remembers When

  65. The Whisper Of Your Heart

  66. The Woman Before Me

  67. The Woman Before Me (версия #2)

  68. The Woman Before Me (версия #3)

  69. There Goes My Baby

  70. They Call It Falling For A Reason

  71. Thinkin' About You

  72. This Is Me You're Talking To

  73. Those Words We Said

  74. Till I Get It Right

  75. Too Bad You're No Good

  76. Try Me

  77. Try Me Again

  78. Trying To Love You

  79. Under The Rainbow

  80. Victim Of The Game

  81. Walkaway Joe

  82. We Tried

  83. When A Love Song Sings The Blues

  84. When Goodbye Was A Word

  85. When We Were Still In Love

  86. Where Are You Now

  87. Who Invented The Wheel

  88. Wild For You Baby

  89. Woman Walk The Line

  90. Wouldn't Any Woman

  91. Wrong Side Of Memphis

  92. XXX's And OOO's (An American Girl)

  93. XXXs And OOOs (An American Girl)

  94. You Can Sleep While I Drive

  95. You Don't Have To Move That Mountain

  96. You Done Me Wrong (And That Ain't Right)

  97. You Say You Will

  98. You're Where I Belong



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