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Summer Fly


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Summer Fly”

  • In another younger day I could dream the time away In the universe inside my room And the world was really mine from June to September And if it wasn't really so I was lucky not to know And I was lucky not to wonder why 'cause summertime is all that I remember A summer fly was buzzin' every night When I was young In the gentle world my childlike senses knew And the world was just my cousin And the wind was just the tongue In the voice my lonely moments listened to And I look at me today all the dreams have gone away And I'm where I never thought I'd be Seein' things I never thought I'd see happen to me And I lie awake at night till the darkness goes to light Hearin' voices callin' out my name Dronin' over and again the same message to me Cryin' who's your partner, who's your darlin', who's your baby now? Who wakes up at night to pull you in It don't matter, you just make her lonely anyhow Don't know why you even try to win

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