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  • Исполнитель:

    Patti Smith
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Poppies”

  • Hes delighted to love me, but you know, I just dont know what to say to him. I just dont know. Heard it on the radio, its no good Heard it on the radio, its news to me When she gets something, its understood Babys got somethin shes not used to Down, down, poppy, yeah Down, down, poppy, yeah Goin on the corner, Im gonna score Baby wants somethin, shes in the mood to Baby wants somethin, I want more When I dont get it, I get blue, blue Down, down, and its really comin, really comin, Down, down, poppy, yeah Goin on the corner, Im gonna score Babys got somethin, gonna get through, through When I want somethin I want more, Heard it on the radio, theres nothin I can do do Im in the mood to and Im a woman and an individual And I want rockin real slow I wanna hear it on the radio I wanna hear it, I wanna score (poppies) I wanna hear It on the radio baby got it but baby want more On the radio, heard it on the radio Baby got it but baby want more [babble] Heard it on the radio wont be no need for layin in the road Tonight Im goin out, oh yeah baby got it but baby want more She wont need it any more [babble] Although she was tense and lean in the sun splintered like a country Gently pulled his finger Everything is soakin and spread with butter Their flowers on an average [on the seed? ] And then they laid her on the table She connected with the inhaler And the needle shiftin like crazy, She was, she was completely still. It was like a painting of a vase, She just lay there and the gas traveled fast Through the dorsal spine and down and around (I want more) The anal cavity, her cranium (I wanna score) Just, it was really great, man, The gas had inflicted her entire spine With the elements of a voluptuous disease With a green vapor, made her feet light Baby want more Baby was it in the closet. Baby get it there, baby tag it, Baby got it and baby begged for it, baby I dont think (after station) theres any station (I remember when) Quite as interesting to me (baby worship something) As the 12th station (laughin at the flowers) I tuned in (to the tower) too many centuries Were calling to me And I spin, come down thru time Oh, watch them say youre too high And I swim through Hear it on the radio, goddamn in my radio, Hear it on the radio, hear it on the radio [babble] One long ecstatic pure sensation Restriction started excreting, started excreting, ah exhilarating Bottomless pit Hey sheba, hey salome, hey venus eclipsin my way ah. Her vessel, every woman is a vessel, is evasive, is aquatic. Everyone, silver ecstatic, platinum disk spinning

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