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Dancing Barefoot

  • Исполнитель:

    Patti Smith
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Dancing Barefoot”

  • She is benediction She is addicted to thee She is the root connection She is connecting with he Here I go and I dont know why I fell so ceaselessly Could it be hes taking over me... Im dancing barefoot Heading for a spin Some strange music draws me in Makes me come on like some heroin/e She is sublimation She is the essence of thee She is concentrating on He, who is chosen by she Here I go and I dont know why I spin so ceaselessly, Could it be hes taking over me... [chorus] She is re-creation She, intoxicated by thee She has the slow sensation that He is levitating with she ... Here I go and I dont know why, I spin so ceaselessly, til I lose my sense of gravity... [chorus] (oh God I fell for you ...) The plot of our life sweats in the dark like a face The mystery of childbirth, of childhood itself Grave visitations What is it that calls to us? Why must we pray screaming? Why must not death be redefined? We shut our eyes we stretch out our arms And whirl on a pane of glass An afixiation a fix on anything the line of life the limb of a tree The hands of he and the promise that s/he is blessed among women. (oh God I fell for you ...)

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