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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Brains!”

  • "Well hello there little boy. Now don't be shy. Step right up, I'm a reasonable guy. Don't be frightened by the look in my eye. I'm just your average evil meteor from outta the sky. Well, I'm just a little shy and scared in this place I'm just a fish outaa water from outer space You can see that the trip has left me tired and drained So why don't you be a pal... And bring me some BRAINS! Go down to your neighbor's place See the dull expression on his face you'd be doing him a favor if you brought him to me He's not using his brain he's just watching TV! Go down to Mr. McGee's He hasn't had a thought since '43. His brain is the portrait of atrophy. He ain't using it, why not give it to me? BRAINS, BRAINS, I won't lie, I'll drink their (her) brains 'til they're zombified. Sure they (she) might think it's deranged But they (she)won't give it a thought Once I've eaten their (her) brain. BRAINS, BRAINS, It's okay. It's not a matter if it isn't gray, And if at first they (she) think(s) it's strange, They (she)won't think twice If they (she)don't have a brain! Go down to the Wonton shop, My fortune cookie says that I just can't stop I'll suck the noodle right out of their heads And half an hour later, I'm hungry again! Creep into the donut shop Sneak in tip-toe past the cop. Pick me up a cruller and a cupful of tea. And any other sweetbreads you happen to see. Brains, Brains, I love em, I need um... My tummy jumps for joy when I eat um. Big ones, fat ones, short ones, tall ones, They're so delectable, especially the small ones. No time to cook em in a skillet. My belly's rumblin', I got a need to fill it. I don't fry em, the heat will only shrink em, i'll just grab my self a straw and drink em!!! Now you've been swell to go around And bring me every single brain in town But with all these brains, I can't help but think That there isn't one left out there to drink. Fess up boy, come on, Heck! Is there someone that you're trying to protect? Bring her down here to meet her end And i promise I'll be your bestest friend. BRAIN..... Bring me her Brain..... BRING ME HER BRAIN!!!!!!!! Mwahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

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