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Too Many Fish

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Too Many Fish”

  • [Chorus:] Too many fish in the sea to miss one [4x] If you caught one, you can catch another one [4x] [Verse 1:] I was fishing for a real good man, Any second 'bout to reel one in. A little bate and I had one hooked, I threw him back, he was no good. Why you stressing me, boy? Blowin' up my line, are you testin' me, boy? I ain't gonna give you the best of me, boy. If gleaming is a crime, you arrestin' me, boy. Let me be, boy! Yeah, I'm setting sail for the deep blue sea, Cruising with my girls, got my anchor ready, I saw you jumpin' round and you caught my eye, oh-oh-oh, My, translate that! You was super fine, one of a kind, And now he's making me sweat, my match has been met, He's playing hard to get so I'm casting my net, I hope it's worth awhile, don't make me regret, Or else it's on to the next baby, You can get left, just step. [Chorus] [Verse 2:] I ain't trippin' 'cause I let one go, 'cause I know that one will follow, Can't let a man pull me down, I stay afloat so I won't drown, Oh, you rockin' my boat, putting up a fight Cause I'm letting you go, Now you want to stay when you wanted to be free, Running round town with a chick who ain't me. You're such a guppy! I know, I'm a little fish in a big pond, Maybe time to cast my reel beyond, You had me fooled with your big game, now who's to blame? It turned out that you were super lame, put me to shame, And now I gotta move upstream to find the man of my dreams, The next one to add to my team, my baby, Checkin' out my line to see what I caught. And if you wanna go south to the sharks then you can get lost! [Chorus] [Bridge:] I used to cry over heartbreak when I didn't know better, One thing that my mama told me changed my life forever, She said, "The man is a dime a dozen, baby girl, don't cry for nothing, Little girl, you should go and have fun, And if you caught one, you can catch another one". [Chorus]

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