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Mystica Deamonica

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Mystica Deamonica”

  • I've got a story that shouldn't be told One from an age told long ago From the deep down caverns and the bowels of the earth A rising evil with a mystic curse A fallen angel with fire for a name A curse for a feeling, revenge was his game From the Pillars of Atlas to the deep down mines In the circle of the old ones he serves his time Just call my name: Mystica Deamonica Well, his key to freedom is his name itself An age-old tounge spoken by himself And he hasn't been idle in this tomb in the ground So he sends a message to the one he has found An innocent, not mighty but true Just a forlorn traveller, not a-much to do " Come to the circle and cross the line And speak my name from the deapths of your mind & quot; Just call my name: Mystica Deamonica Shout my name, 'cause here I come The bastard son of the evil one Mystica Deamonica Only in this way can I bee free To strike the world and what it did to me I begin to murmur and the line dissolves Now nothing can stop me from my resolve I feel the fire burning deep within Not a smile on my face, but an evil grin I crush my friend with an icy glare At last I'm free from my captive lair

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