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Days Like These


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Days Like These”

  • To the gods in the sky There's one thing you can do You can send us some sun And we'll play you this tune Because sitting in our room Lying down with a scoob And the sunshine Through our window It's days like these That make us happy Like a puppy getting lucky With Lassie hassle-free Hours passing by With the beat one two Said it's days like these kicking back Just doing what we do Number one I'd find some Loving in the sun With someone that can make me Growl and hum say hmmm... A boom boom shak And the beat that she throw at me Knocking me flat Number two I'd cruise where the grass is smooth And the sound of the sea Is a dreamy melody Snooze all afternoon Till the night time wake me Cos shakedown soon Number three I'd be dancing like a monkey up a tree Find sweet simplicity By kissing my honey Get funky like Bond When he's played by Connery And get crafty Like Don Corleone Four Watching Oliver jam a little more Remember the night when I saw What i never never never seen before Lavender wrestling a rich wild boar [CHORUS] HARRY'S NIGHT TIME RHYME And dirty hands I like them see They make the music that we play Sound oh so sweet And my mother always made me eat broccoli And now look at me I'm as strong as can be So put some spice in my sauce Honey in my tea An ace up my sleeve And a slinky plan b And most importantly My mad family They named me lucky And for that I'll sing about Days like these

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