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Lean Low

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Lean Low”

  • [Verse 1 - Sean Paul] Now everybody pull ya' whips out, get 'em shined up Hit the mirror make sure ya' boy leaned up Brush up out the clean up, ya' team freezed up I know you knew the name, gull, when you seen us Walkin' up in the V.I-P.I.M.P when I walked by Man, I, don't holla at no lame ho's I go to the bar, get somethin' to sip on, for my folk Man, this is how is goes down, where I stay When them Tram boys done had a good day Then I'ma buy the bar up, later on tear the car up Flip a new one by the mornin', nigga back crunk Good Times, if you in the club blowin' good pine Freakin' ho's while ya' car bein' stripped down Sick now, nowhere for her to sit down Ya' Escalade, man, it's sittin' on bricks now [Chorus - Seal Paul] Lean Low (Bitch!) To the Flo' (Bitch!) Can you work it, can you twerk it lemme know Yeah, I'ma lean low (Nigga!) To the Flo' (Nigga!) Can you pay what you weight gimme mo' But Can Ya' lean low? (Bitch!) To the Flo'? (Bitch!) Can you work it, can you twerk it lemme know Yeah, I'ma lean low (Nigga!) To the Flo' (Nigga!) Can you pay what you weight gimme mo' [Verse 2 - J-Bo] I pull up bumpin Attic, choppin, whippin' the wheel Straight fresh off that Drizzle boy you know who it is It's them loud-mouth motherfuckers at it again Poppin' bottles, cuttin' up, livin' life to the end So lean low, if you feelin like I'm feelin', let's go Got a cup, throw it up, now hit the flo' Shawty choosin' wit' a look and I know Gotta lighter, fire it up and just blow And just puff till you can't no mo' We in the mix, backfacin' cuz that's just how it go At the bar, we trippin', throwin' it up Like kings in a castle, yeah we toastin' it up So everybody, clap, and break it down Cuz we the same old fools slidin' thru yo' town So on yo' mark, get ready for this whole new era Drankin' Patnaz is the name, it don't get no better [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Backbone] Stay workin' back do', till every sack is sold Ima hit you in the back wit' hot callico If not then my rock, it I can hardly afford Old school at the bar buyin' bottles of Moe We swervin' Cheverolets up and down the road When you hear "Shorty in town" hide ya' ho Cuz aww shit, lil' buddy fire the dro' I stay, fresh a fool, keep a crease in my clothes Im puttin' on the scene, and let the champagne flow Im tryin' to get outta here wit' somethin' freaky to poke You know what it is, you seen it befo' We call him "H2O, he froze ice cold" What the fuck you sayin'? This shit is fa sho' Tell Sean to keep 'em comin', gon' and order one mo' Lil' Girl, work it out on the flo' Post up young G, get drunk some mo' [Chorus Until Fade]

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