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Just A Dream

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Just A Dream”

  • It ain't a thang in this world thats gonna knock me off my feet As I unleash total chaos into the streets For I observe these dirty words whispering' through your mouth So I now I take it you the big dog about the south Oh really now, though whose to say that we won't never make it Or even get the chance to tell the world just how we made it Cause know that we gonna keep it crunk, no matter what Now who the fuck, just al nut, it's a must for you to get crushed So don't rush to get dat' change You'd besta wake on up and take a look inside this frame For everything ain't everything when times are gettin' rough To pressure is your conscience in this game you callin' bluff Now nigga what, yeah Oh, a lot of hatin' went on doing this thang here Folks just swore we wasn't finna' put it down for the A-town You know what I'm saying? I ain't gotta call no names Cause you know who you are You know what I'm sayin' All I got to say to all of y'all is... You can't keep nobody from the Attic down Know what I'm sayin', and thats on the floor Yea, it's me, remember me from back in the day The same ol' nigga you thought wouldn't get paid Look at me now nigga, shit done changed Ain't no mo' gettin' wet in the rain Hennessey and dank to kill all my pain Sho' nuff' you can hear, but you can't feel me man And it's a damn shame, we go through what we do Playa hatin' while I'm chillin' on the avenue Can't hold no nigga down from the Attic Crew Thats for trill on the blow, straight from me to you Better listen up now, cause ain't no tellin' whats next The dem' between real and the ones that flex All in your face grinnin' when you cash that check But when they get down and dirty it's like fuck dat' bitch Ass nigga, so how you figga' I was wrong Got a baby, and a crib to keep clothes on Long time ago, way before the grind Trouble had become a friend of mine You off up in my head, its just a matter of time Before I rip shit apart and let Sean Paul shine Like dem' folks open face off in yo' grill I ain't tryin' to be greedy, I'm just tryin' to live Now that the picture clear, and you know what I mean Being broke all again slick it's just a dream

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