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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Big Town”

  • I discovered a big town On the crest of a wave Throwing money at strangers Taking candy from babes Shaking hands with the big top (?) As the rain came down I thought it would not stop Sending letters to Paris From the Empire State Taking pictures from the top. [chorus]: There's a lot of things For you to do... There's a lot of dreams That won't come true. I grew up in a big town The lessons were not hard to learn. If you want them to love you, Then you must not love them, in return. Spent the night at a party Where I drank so much I fell under your spell... Eight o'clock in the morning And the daylight makes me Look and feel like hell. When you live in a big town There are sights and sounds That make you Want to cry... ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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