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You Wouldn't Believe

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “You Wouldn't Believe”

  • He was a king 'til she laid waste Now he cannot fill up the space And I just see him drifting, while he's drifting On bourbon alley feeling low Just because she let him go I don't think he even knows He'll ever be fine Chorus: And he's got head full of ideas Let me tell ya, that you wouldn't believe And he's got a heart made of pure gold And something else Many tricks up his sleeve You might think he's a jester because He'll make you laugh till you cry And what else You better come with your best, if you test him Unless you're ready to die Wonder Woman got rid of wonder man That man's not part of her wonder plan Letter to the so-called better bet on my man Believe it you will find out baby Damn (Chorus) A million people come and go Through a person's ebb and flow And faces keep on changing, while they're changing A certain few will stay in tact When they're not they'll don an act I know this important fact Don't get confused like (Chorus) First you love him then you're loving him not All the while he just smiles giving all that he's got Do you find it in your heart to say he's not what you sought Do you want me to continue with this or what Whoa yeah, whoa yeah (Chorus)

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