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Who Will Save Us Now


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Who Will Save Us Now”

  • Some of us are born And then some of us are born again Some of us are scared to death And some just don't believe in it Something's always wrong There's a line An idea i cant get behind No one knows whats right Some try Some just try to find a king They say Who will save us now It's our life But we dont want to live it We want to be told how By something or someone Who's better than us Who we know we can trust Who will always protect us Keep us scared to death So we never ask questions We'll dictate the consequences of our actions And give us peace of mind about our miserable lives Find it content all we want is a place we can hide We can hide Someone always fought You can rest assured It's the young and the poor who fought all out wars Led to death by men who they chose And hoped would protect them Who will save us now It's our life but we don't want to live it And all you'll get is down Cause the people you elect to protect your best interests will just ....?.... Protect themselves ....?.... So we're left Reality is relative And that's all the advice i'll give Life and death are hard They're such strange and complicated issues So listen listen well For insight And no one knows what's right for you Who will save us now It's a wrong And irrelevant question We figure it out With the people who love us Who call us our brothers Through lessons we've learned From our fathers and mothers Now looking for someone to find our solutions To battle our battles ....?..... Living and learning till we know what's right for our lives our lives

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