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Find Out

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Find Out”

  • Dreamstate, cold at night, I feel but cannot see. Feelings cannot hide, caught in captivity. When I'm searching all the night, when I crawl into the light, it's when I feel this Illusion. I'm feeling your power grows hour by hour, fate brightens up the confusion. Who are you, where are you, why? Don't know this fear, oh. Illusion or reality? Searching for you. Soul's forced into energy. When I will see you? Don't know what my next life will be. No matter what it takes, "no matter" they say, I will have to find out. Awake, the picture fades, but memories (are) still alive. Emotions on the rise, falling into dark dive. Now I see you in the night, darkness changes to light, could it be no Illusion? I also feel power grows hour by hour, clearer view sorts my confusion. Who are you... Existence of two beings. Beside each other. But worlds apart. Feel the strength and trust your intuition. Only then darkness will fall into light. Soon you will see, finding you, soon you will see, oh. Souls forced into energy. I know we'll get close soon. Now I feel what my next life will be. No matter what it takes, no matter what they say – it makes me cry out. I will find out. I will find out. I will find out... Soon!

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