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Girls Gone Wild

  • Исполнитель:

    Jagged Edge
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Girls Gone Wild”

  • Now i met this little girl in Daytona Spring Breakin with my dawgs I was on her Didn't give a chance to let another dude get one her Y'all know i came with my mack game, hood like a crap game I caught her her early I was sober Tha meant my thoughts going right and my words flowin' nice and When she movin got me on the fly Get ready for take off them clothes got to break off Got her gigglin and laughin and I know she knows what's happening She can tell by the way I'm rapping, gotta rap this up baby that's wuts up [Chorus:] She like a girl gone wild, can't miss the girl she stand out in the crowd and young & sexy with the freaky freaky style Walked in the party, make the club buck wild hey Little Mama she like a girl gone wild, her and all her girls stand out in the crowd Young & sexy with that freaky freaky style Walked thru the party make the club buck wild Hey Hey, yeah yeah yeah yeah When I met her she was sipping a Corona and i was really really feeling her persona From that moment on i knew she wasa goner (didn't have a chance) By the way she walked, I had to put it on her Cause I gets down like a stickup, everybody put yout hands up See I ain't tryna hurt nobody But I was taken by her bangin' body Loving her can really be my hobby I got her laughin, I'm about to cash in It those girls gone wild Little bit freaky but it's just my style She be klling me with her smile Truthfully speaking she is buck wild

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