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Let's Get Married Reception Remix

  • Исполнитель:

    Jagged Edge
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Let's Get Married Reception Remix”

  • [Chorus] Just gots me a crib and a new car too I got the ring, but I gotta have you babe C'mon let's get married babe C'mon let's get married Let's have some kids with a dog with a house A lil white fence, just like this, babe C'mon let's get married babe Let's get married [Jagged Edge] Meet me at the alter In your white dress (your white dress) You won't ever need another man You never, ever want from another thing, no I've been feeling you I must confess (must confess) Ain't no gonna break this thang up I ain't going nowhere, no Cuz when I think about you and think about me Plain to see that we might as well do it (do it) [Chorus] [Jagged Edge] Said you want some karats Babe, how bout ten (how bout ten) Is it good enough for you to brag on When you show your friends (show your friends) I just want to be with you Girl there ain't I think I won't do Want you to be the one to say I do We can start a family Cuz when I think about you and think about me Plain to see that we might as well do it (do it) [Chorus] [Kanye West] With my tuxedo He asked me do you take this Woman to hold and keep the safest Plus to lace her, floss wit paper Crib and a car, man you know tha basics Diamonds your bestfriend That makes sense because Your a princess and you deserve the princess cuts But as long as you gots your defenses up You can never get the love that was meant for ya Shouldn't you know that I use to come through wanna club Real thugs don't never fall in love Always on the g-o, for the d-o Man I had to take t-o, smits some cutie Since my money get right theses days I wanna give you more ice than the ice capades I gots the church, the ring There's something I'm forgetting Oh, we gotta have J.E. sing at the wedding [Chorus] He's straight out of a neighborhood where niggaz hate They see you, go and eat your dinner off a bigger plate Their stomaches ache while he's loungin' in the big estate And he hops in a hundred thousand when a nigga 'scape House's with a bigger gate, houndin' him's a big mistake He won't surrender, he'll rather give up a rib to break 'Cuz he remembers when they wouldn't lend a helpin' hand 'Til he was sittin' on green like a Celtic fan Created a buzz 'til where you gotta mention his name When you discussin' the illest player that's in the game And he's ridin' with Em, 50 Cent, Doc and them G-Unit Records, ain't no motherfuckin' stoppin' them...

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