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Cut Somethin' (Feat. Ludacris)

  • Исполнитель:

    Jagged Edge
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Cut Somethin' (Feat. Ludacris)”

  • JE y'all Y'all know, yeah, yeah check this out (Cut something, cut something) We gonna let you in on a little Southern lingo (Cut something, cut something) Is that what they saying? (Cut something, cut something) (Cut something on the low-low) [Ludacris] Check it out Cut a nigga for the low-low Or betta cut a nigga from the So So I heard you cut a nigga from the DTP, you got DDT From College Park to the DEC See we be sittin' on low pros Shippin' bitches in by the boatloads Not too many people that can see this cheese Better run these g's Ludacris and the Pimp MC's, JE [Jagged Edge] To all of y'all who don't know Let me explain What cuttin' is, and how it goes Gotta know the game Cause you can say the wrong thing To the wrong girl, with the wrong man (let's just say it might be a long night) The first thing you should know Do she get down? Or if she's even feeling you Is she worth your while? See this girl I met the other day She was feelin' me, I was feelin' her And I couldn't believe what she said [Chorus] She said cut somethin' she looked at me I looked at her, I said ain't nothin can't believe what I just heard, She was not frontin I like my women kind of bold, but she was uh uh uh uh uh uh uh She said cut somethin' I'm peepin' u, u peepin' me So lets stop playin', said u ain't never had a girl like me who make u feel like this, but we can go after the show Baby cut somethin' we should cut somethin' Don't be Scared. [JE] Usaully I never mess, wit' a girl who steps, Up to me before I even...even get the chance, Let a woman be a woman let a man be a man see. and that's the way I like it babe there's alwayz exceptions to, to every rule this one i had to let on in, she was hella cool she liked to do the things that men really want this is want she said...... [Chorus] [Hook] A lot of things have changed in life Cause now women go out they be on the prowl harder than men A lot of things have changed in life Cause now women go out they be on the prowl harder than men I know when I figured it out When this girl walked up She said cut something, something Ain't like I'm trippin' about it I just remember when a man could be a man baby And yes, I still can't believe what she said [Ludacris] Yo she said she needed me to beat it And beat it, beat it, then skeet it She greeted with an open tongue With Coke & Rum, got her so excited She screamin' at the top of her lungs She just can't hide it I'm poppin' her gums, cock my popular gun Shoot, shoot, lick, lick from the head to the toes Head to the floor, head till their ain't no head no mo' Cut till it ain't no bed no mo' Cut till you bitch don't beg no mo' Jagged Edge grabbin' legs Women in the morning scramblin' eggs Cookin' meals, makin' deals And I gotta tell you what she said [Chorus]

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