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A Jagged Era

  • Исполнитель:

    Jagged Edge
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “A Jagged Era”

  • [Busta Rhymes] Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yall Busta Rhymes in the place to be So So Def, Flip Mode, J.D., Jagged Edge, check it We keeps it hot to def you can't deny (Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha) Til my people feelin' good, yes you'll react to mine (Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha) Before I hit you off We'll bust a million and one Raise your whole adrenaline baby have fun I be rollin' with womens whippin' Benz and Beamers Makes ya shivers when I delivers like Doc Quivers I keeps the shit that'll get you outta your dressers Pass the testers, overcoming the minor stressers I got your message and only in a matter of seconds I'll be there for you whippin' the five S's Feel my jagged edge's bouncin' on fly records While I bounce on smokin' beats like Benson & Hedges I'll be here by all for one baby one for all Need a nigga call anytime I'll be there for yall Sometimes you need someone to be with But your private side just won't let you How can I show that I love you so And I care about everythang that happens to you 1- So tell me do you have someone who you can call on Do you have somone that you trust And will they always be around you to protect you Will they be around when you need them the most 2- When you're feeling low, nowhere to go You can call me, I'll be right there When you're feeling down, no one's around You can call me, I'll be right there I know what you, you need from me If you dial the phone I'll make you see No one can do the things That I'll do for you that's that Give me that chance and I bet I can ease your mind Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Repeat 2 [Quick] (JD) Can't speak it's way past due For something new (I agree) So live and direct from DC, it's J.E. Since demos, we been makin' dem hoes hot It's been a long time since you heard a crew rock the spot like us And plus, stay plus just what you missin' If you can't stand the heat keep yo ass out the kitchen Stop bitchin', listen to how it should be done (Where you from?) Eastside til I die you don't want none

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