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Driving me to Drink

  • Исполнитель:

    Jagged Edge
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Driving me to Drink”

  • I need a drink 'cause You're driving me to drink I need a drink 'cause You're driving me to drink I need a drink 'cause You're driving me to drink I need a drink 'cause You're driving me to drink It's about to go down, uh-huh When the Remi's In the system It ain't no tellin' What the other person says Too much yellin' Even though I know that Ain't what I need I can't take the naggin' and The bitchin' and The screamin' No matter what I do it Just ain't enough You say I don't take you out And buy you stuff But you got these things Provided by men Somebody pass me The VSOV, yeah 1: I need a drink 'cause You're driving me to drink A few shots of that and I don't even gotta think about The way I don't do this The way I don't do that You might deserve a slap But girl I can't go out like that Repeat 1 Come home from a long day Instead of having dinner ready All you got is something to say Going on like I need that I'm doin' all I can and You can keep that Said I never met No girl like you Ungrateful and That's the truth Always got a problem Won't you tell me What I'm supposed to do Girl you got some issues Yes you do Sraighten all that out baby I won't kick it with you Ooh yeah Repeat 1 twice 2: Say you got me On that Hen dawg 'Cause I'm tired Of asking you What's wrong And I'm feeling kind of crazy All I want is something From my lady Repeat 1 to fade

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