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Keys to the Range

  • Исполнитель:

    Jagged Edge
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Keys to the Range”

  • [CHORUS] (x2) You've changed you're not the girl that used to do things The way I like it it's a damn shame You was on your way to the house, money, keys, to the range Say what the dilly yo? Said uh, won't you tell me sumthin I didn't know Do you got plans to be with me Then why'd you flip the script on me I need to know if you're the one I can take around the world So tell me tell me tell me baby Why do you change?? [CHORUS] (x2) I know you're feeling low Now that you're thinking about the things that you let go I know you're mad but uh I'm kinda glad cuz uh Look what you had and you still let it go away Baby why shouldn't I be happy I lost what I thought was close to me I should have known that you're not right for me [CHORUS] (x2) I can't believe Just when I thought you had me Then you turned around changed the game on me My fantasy You've gotta put the work in, the work in If you wanna be with me [Jermaine Dupri] All I remember was the relationship that was hot and strong Please I need you to tell me where it all went wrong Now was it my friends or your friends Or was it the fact that you received a jag when you wanted a benz Sound crazy? I've seen hang-ups like that I mean shit, something made you change up like that I used to bang out your back, so ain't no way in hell I kept you with a stack so I know very well(?) You never missed a meal and got everything you dreamed Had me like, 'it's for real' bout to jump through a ring White 10 carats and nothing but bling bling And the right to tell me not to hit the scene You wanna give that up? What is it? Do I work too much? Did the playa just lose his touch? I mean it can't be that, I'm just shootin out things I thought you was the one but damn you changed [CHORUS] (till fade out)

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