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T.D.S. (Take It As You Will)

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “T.D.S. (Take It As You Will)”

  • The needing of needles, prick my skin Cold blood is boiling, start the binge Aggressive injection, the track marks run Intended suppression, finale has begun COLD DEATH - awaits me now INFECT - dissect my brain devoured I'm needing another shot to please My poison my life-line, it drops me to my knees INJECT ADDICTION Straight to my jugular vein TO WITHDRAWAL I CAN'T TAKE I NEED MORE Please shoot me up, numb the pain No dimebags No quarters I'll take the gram The heroin Quick fix A mainline slam Speed ball It's rolling Turns all the time Ingesting Infesting It infiltrates my mind QUICK PULSE My heart can't take POUNDING Surrounding all my veins I'm nauseous And playing the basket case Die slowly Die painful On my strung-out face TO INJECT ADDICTION INFECTION Straight to my jugular vein TO WITHDRAWAL I CAN'T TAKE I NEED MORE Please shoot me up, numb the pain Hello world, I'm your residential drug pusher You kids, they buy from me Base of coke, a slam of seed They know I've got the cure Just a punk, I'm untouchable by the law Court room catastrophe A simple slap upon my wrist And then they set me free Body cold I pound away on his chest in fear Empty lungs, a cardiac arrest is evidently clear No one told me that these drugs I take would kill They just front away and then send you the bill Cold displeasured face Look of pain, look of waste I've seen the damages done Too many times I've witnessed, I've witnessed it run Run through your veins alive Feeding on your mind Controlling you from inside No longer with us now Pusher's voice it calls you, cower now Come with me child, child of fate A shot to numb your feelings Embrace this death, a quick passage Your pulse hits the ceiling No need for ties, no ties to life The life you've left to linger It was your choice So hold your voice And don't point your finger

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