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I Profit

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “I Profit”

  • Feeling taken, God do I hate Pinstriped, black-tied, corporate minds that hate All that they see fit to be theirs Giving nothing except only to their heirs Disease kills constantly, unseen The rich pad their pockets, and fulfill their money schemes Human waste, sucking off the cement They beg, you see nothing, you're too innocent [Pre-chorus:] All that you hold If you owe, they have sold Interest indeed What I see is greed! [Chorus:] I PROFIT OFF ALL THAT YOU'VE GOT GIVE IT TO ME Others worse, they'll fuck you with greed Friendly investment on their minds, embezzling Foolish suckers, you're born every day Use them, confuse them, and then they are kicked away Rip you off for all that you're worth A quick scheme, your dreams are face down in the dirt Bleeding hearts, they've got no conscience for you Your luck, shit luck, you're fucked, you're through [Repeat Pre-chorus] [Repeat Chorus] [Solo: Demmel] I know I'm not against a quick buck Profit margin, I'd like to have one myself But then, some scum, money is all that they want Immaculate dreamland, for their needs they will rip you off Give me cash, give me all that you've got Fill my pockets, hand it over, do not conserve Rich making poor is all I want to be I profit, embezzle, cold cash for me [Repeat pre-chorus] [Repeat chorus x2] [Over Chorus:] Sifting my hands, through the color, the money, The green I must see, only this is no dream I'm no longer the scum on the street?not the bum That you scrape off your shoes as you turn

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