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Me & My Bitch (Live In Philly)


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Me & My Bitch (Live In Philly)”

  • Intro: (Is Philly in this motherfucker?) Yo wassup? You ready son? (Pop kick one time) Let's do it Uhh (Wooh) Uhh (Say what?) Verse 1: When I met you I admit my first thoughts was to trick (Hands in the air) You look so good huh (wooh!), I suck on your daddy's dick I never felt that way in my wife (That's right) It didn't take long before I made you my wife (yeah) Got no rings and shit, just my main squeeze Come into the crib, even had a set a keys (That's right) During the days you helped me bag up my nickels (Come on) In the process, I admit, I tricked a little But you was my bitch, the one who'd never snitch (That's right) Love me when I'm broke or when I'm filthy fuckin rich and I admit, when the time is right, the wine is right I treat you right, you talk slick, I beat you right Chorus: Just me and my bitch (What) Just me and my bitch (What) Just me and my bitch, yeah Just me and my bitch (My) Just me and my bitch (My) Just me and my bitch (My) Bridge: (All the girls with the real hair, yeah) Uhh (Just the girls with the real hair, yeah) Uhh (Let me hear ya say Yeah!) *Yeah!* (Say Hell Yeah!) * oh hell yeah* Verse 2: Moonlight strolls with my hoes, oh no, that's not my steelo I wanna bitch that like to play celo and craps Packin gats, in a Coach bag steamin dime bags (wooh!) A real bitch is all I want, all I ever had With a Glock just as strong as me Totin guns just as long as me, the bitch belongs with me (That's right) Any place with another bitch, my bitch'll spoil it (That's right) One day she used my toothbrush to clean the toilet (yeah) Throwin my clothes out the windows (windows) so when the wind blows (wind blows) I see my Polos and (Timbos) Hide my car keys so I can't leave A real slick bitch, keep a trick up her sleeve And if I deceive (say what?), she won't take it lightly (C'mon) She'll invite me (yeah), politely to fight G (yeah) (Side to side) And then we lie together (side to side), cry together (side to side) I swear to God I hope we fuckin die together (yeah c'mon) Chorus: Just me and my bitch (Just what?) Just me and my bitch (side to side) Just me and my bitch (All y'all side to side) Just me and my bitch (My) Just me and my bitch (My) C'mon just me and my bitch Just, just me and my bitch Just me and my bitch (That's all) Just me and my bitch Just me and my bitch Outro: Yo, your bitch huh? (Yeah ain't no doubt!) (Y'know the ladies is runnin this motherfucker son) (The ladies is runnin this motherfucker) Now, look at all the real motherfuckin niggas in this motherfucker Where the niggas at, wassup? (Yo yo Pop, Pop, Pop. Check this out) (Yo Biggie, this is what y'all gotta do) (I figure somebody got to be runnin somethin (So you take the bitches and you take the niggas Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold (I ain't takin no bitches, nigga) (I'm takin the young ladies, nigga. The fuck you talkin bout) Yeah (Awright I'ma take the young ladies, you go see...) Aight, I'll take, I'll take the niggas (yeah) The real dog niggas (I'm with the niggas too but I want the ladies) Whatever, let's see what's up (Drop that shit nigga) Yeah (C'mon yeah, c'mon yeah)

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