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Love No Ho (Demo)


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Love No Ho (Demo)”

  • [Intro] Yo Bigs man, what's wrong man? You look like you got problems man [Notorious B.I.G.] Hey yo man, pssh man It's this fuckin BITCH man~! Shit I know I ain't 'sposed to have no feelings for these hoes out here man, but This bitch on the back of my mind man (word?) Yeah man... done wrote a rhyme 'bout the bitch man (Let me hear it) Want me to drop the drama kid? (Yeah) Yeah, dedicatin this to you man Cause my man 50 Gran' told me straight up and down man I ain't 'sposed to love no ho Knahmsayin? I tried to tell her 50 I got three rules in life I'm not to be played with, played on or played out I'ma drop it like dis [Verse One] Lyin in my bed, I'm lookin at four walls Echo in my head sayin I got a lot of gall Grippin my cap, my pen in my teeth Thinkin what this ho said, she called me a thief She said I stole her heart, and didn't leave a trace I told her I was sorry and she said get out my face Walked out my door with my Walkman in my pocket Playin "Love Is a House," and thinkin how she jocked it when she had the key, to open up my door Adore, that Prince scam that got me on the floor I know that she loved me, I couldn't ever fake it I say go buy a pie, the girl would go bake it Makin a record was important to me More important than her that's what made her flee, see The mistake was not payin no mind All her posse said we was two of a kind I call her back twice, your sister said you're broke She said when you left, your ears was full of smoke Chokin on a cigarette you don't even smoke Jumped in the train station put in a token Coulda been my partner, my amigo my peer Just waitin for them three words that all girls wanna hear I love you, HUH, you would start to cry if I would reply with I-L-Y Then I tell your friends that you played me out Said I wouldn't say "I love you" just to make you shout So I, call up 7 digits that would pick up your phone Your sister picked it up and said that you wasn't home I heard you in the back cryin up a storm Screamin how you wish that I never was born "I hate him! I hate him!" That's what she kept sayin She'll come to her senses is what I kept prayin But now I'm gonna lay the cards on the line Just say that you hate me, or say that you're mine I said, when I played ball you was in the stands When I was sick, you held my hand It was hard to say before, but now I can Bitch I love no ho, FUCK YA~! I don't give a fuck about'cha Take a long walk off a short peer bitch Try to take bankrolls Bum bitches outta here 50 man Now check it [Verse Two] Come to my crib she say B.I.G. listen I don't like the way you been dissin Feel like I been kissin other bitches cause my lips feel chapped I tell you it's on the blunts, you ain't tryin to hear that Now I'm Henny'd like a fuck? What's the riff? Who I'm sleepin with? I ain't got the time to shoot the gift to hoes, I'm tryin to take bankroll I ain't fuckin nobody, case closed You hit the lights and decide to doze off No kiss goodnight, didn't take your clothes off And my dick is harder than a rock Nobody to cockblock but youse a hardrock The fuck you think I am, gay? I ain't got no time to play I ain't got nuttin to say Bounce out the crib, just to see my man 50 and what's up with B.I.G. And the O.G.B., you know they keep plenty hookers And I ain't a bad looker So I see one ho that I like yeah, oooh Shit is cool (Trust no hoes, all they want is bankroll) That's what I'm tryin to tell you now baby My man 50 done schooled me to all y'all hookers Knahmsayin? I ain't lame to this Can't spell game without me, the B.I.G.

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