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The Art Of Peer Pressure


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “The Art Of Peer Pressure”

  • [Verse 1] Me and my niggas four deep in a white Toyota A quarter tank of gas, one pistol, and orange soda Janky stash box when the federales roll up Basketball shorts with the Gonzales Park odor We on the mission for bad bitches in trouble I hope the universe love you today 'Cause the energy we bringing sure to carry away a flock of positive activist a filthy body would hate If it's necessary Bumping Jeezy first album looking distracted Speaking language only we know, you think is an accent The windows roll down all I see is a hand pass it Hotboxing like George Foreman grilling the masses Of the working world, we pulled up on a bunch of working girls And asked them what they working with ? look at me I got the blunt in my mouth Usually I'm drug-free, but shit I'm with the homies [Hook] (Yea nigga, we off a pill and Remy Red Come through and bust ya head nigga) Me and the homies (Sag all the way to the liquor store Where my niggas pour up 4 and get twisted some more) Me and the homies (I ride for my mothafuckin' niggas Hop out, do my stuff, then hop back in) Me and the homies (Matter fact, I hop out that mothafucka and be like "Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo!... Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo!") [Verse 2] It's 2:30 and the sun is beaming Air conditioner broke and I hear my stomach screaming Hungry for anything unhealthy and if nutrition can help me I'll tell you to suck my dick and then I'll continue eating We speeding on the 405 passing Westchester You know the light skin girls in all the little dresses, good Lord They knew we weren't from 'round there 'Cause every time we down there we pulling out the Boost Mobile sim cards Bougie bitches with no extensions Hood niggas with bad intentions, the perfect combination Before we sparked a conversation We seen three niggas in colors we didn't like then started interrogating I never was a gangbanger, I mean I was never stranger to the funk neither I really doubt it Rush a nigga quick and then we laugh about it That's ironic 'cause I've never been violent, until I'm with the homies [Hook] (Just ridin', just ridin') Me and the homies (Bullshittin', actin' a fool) Me and the homies (Trippin', really trippin') Me and the homies (Just ridin', just ridin', just ridin'...) [Verse 3] Bragging 'bout the episode we just had A shot of Hennessey didn't make me feel that bad I'm usually a true firm believer of bad karma Consequences from evil will make your past haunt you We tryna conquer the city with disobedience Quick to turn it up, beefing if we ain't got the CD in But Jeezy still playing and our attitude is still "nigga, what is you saying" Pull in front of the house that we been camping out for like two months The sun is going down as we take whatever we want I hit the back window in search of any Nintendo DVDs, plasma screen TVs in the trunk We made a right, then made a left made a right Then made a left, we was just circling life My mama called ? "kicking it" I should've told her I'm probably 'bout to catch my first offense with the homies But they made a right, they made a left then made a right Then another right One lucky night with the homies [Hook] (And this is the art of peer pressure, this is the art of peer pressure) Me and the homies (This is the art of peer pressure, this is the art of peer pressure) Me and the homies (And this is the art of peer pressure, this is the art of peer pressure) Me and the homies (This is the art of peer pressure, this is the art of peer pressure)

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