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Warmer Place to Sleep


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Warmer Place to Sleep”

  • Well I've been up to the mountain Seen the ashes down below I had breakfast with the wise man He told me what he thought I should know And I've been to bed with Jezebel And I found the well was deep And I'd trade in my ambitions For a warmer place to sleep Well I've seen the heart of darkness Read the writing on the wall And the voice out in the desert Was the voice out in the hall And once he called me Abel And once he called me Cain And for forty days and forty nights I slept out in the rain [Chorus:] Girl can you share your warm bed tonight I need to find a safe retreat Someplace where they can't see my eyes I need to find a warmer place to sleep Well I rested in the devil's arms I've chased the hounds of hell I played truth or dare with the angels And as far as I can tell That a heart of gold ain't no better Than a heart torn from the street And I'd trade in my heart of stone For a warmer place to sleep [Chorus]

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