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Theo and Weird Henry


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Theo and Weird Henry”

  • Henry worked at Sears or somehwhere, Theo did, too. They both got themselves a van together; Nineteen seventy-two, Ford. Drove around all night long playing music very, very loud. Big noise, all the time; Little legends in a little town. Moments of time they shared together. Moments of time between two friends. Standing on street corners with shirts unbuttoned. There was a moment in time they swore they were friends to the end. Couple of wild boys They told me they could hear the grass grow. Theo used to say, hey Henry, man, I'm screwin' this cat. You're just holdin' it. I never knew what they was talking about But they laughed like they both thought it was funny. Theo and weird Henry went chasing after something And neither one of them believing in nothing. Moments in time they shared together, Called themselves the "He-man women lovers club," Throwin' pop bottles against the wall just to get some attention. There was a moment in time they swore they were friends until the end. Theo's out there living it up doing a little earth shaking -somewhere. Henry sent a postcard from a better place But I can see them both sitting there laughing and breathing. I can still see that smile on weird Henry's face. Moments in time they shared together, Moments in time between two friends. Dancing on that old van with their shirts wide open, That was a moment in time they swore they were blood brothers until the end.

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