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Private investigations

  • Исполнитель:

    Dire Straits
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Private investigations”

  • ********************** Private investigation ********************** [intro.] Em | Bm | Bm | A | G | F | B7/A Em | Gdim | Am6/F# | B7/A | Em Em It's a mystery to me Bm The game commences Bm A For the usual fee plus expenses G F confidential information it's in a diary B7 this is my investigation Em Gdim Am Em not a public enquiry (chord progress, timing exactly the same as above) I go checking on the reports Digging up the dirt You got to meet all sorts in this line of work treachery and treason there's always an excuse forit and when i find the reason i still can't get used to it. Em D [chorus] G D and what have you got at the end of the day Am Em D and what have you got to take away G C D a bottle of whisky and a new set of lies C B blinds on the window and a pain behind the eyes. [intro.] part sets in ...... Am B7 Scarred for life no compensation (all quiet) private, hum (with nasal effect), ========================================================= | x x x x | ---> 4 beats (base starts right AFTER the sound of "tion" stops) | x x x x | | (shoe slipping sound) x | x | x | x | | x x x x x x x x | (solo ...........................) (solo ...) | x x x x drum' x x x x | (solo ...........) (solo...) | x x x x | x x x x drum'| Figure-picking starts (going for two cycles) | x x x x | distortion strokes | x x x x Em | Em x x x x | distortin strokes |______| | x x x drum roll | (solo ...............) | x x x C x | Em x .... | (no sound, cat scream !...) switches (by drum sticks) C ... Em ------------ Note ------------------------------------- 1. Base doesn't come in that often in the early part: i couldn't catch it. i think while we're doing it, mat can try to match the rhythm. I couldn't find out the drum either..... however, these two guys are very important at the end: 2. In the end (after ... investigation), the following format go on forever: x where denotes 1-pick of bass node, and x denotes a strike of from the drumer (each 0.5 beat so one set of x makes up of 1 beat). Little progression oozes in after the solo stops and the figure-picking dominates (Kal/Kmg have to figure out how to make those sound). 3. drum' means a drum-beat starting at the 15/16 beat of the section before the next coming in ! 4. we don't beed to match that well, but we have to catch the following: * the " x" pattern * the set-in point of sole 4 sections after the (shoe slipping sound)! * the "drum'" * drum roll * everyone should try to match the distortion strokes. 5. there'll be a written examine tomoro before we actully practice. the grade will not be curved. the B's and below will have to retake the examine next day morning, i.e., if he's still alive... DCL...

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