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  • Исполнитель:

    Sir Mix-A-Lot
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Aintsta”

  • (chorus:) Want to be hard, false face nigga shaky ass finger on the deuce deuce trigger (Ainsta) Think about your pimping square Mark hatin' nigga never had no heart (You is a motherfucin' ainsta) Fronting around your homies Wanna be down, now you wanna claim Sea-Town (Aintsta) anna be a baller, can you be a hustler? Not if you is an undercover busta [Verse 1: Sir Mix-a-Lot] What about this motherfucking aintsta Wannabe gangsta Sittin' in the mirror throwin' sets at your self like a pranksta Lil' punk-ass mark Playing hardcore but you gots no heart Nigga never had a set of these Worshiping G's How can you be down ? Nigga please You wanna play hard for your hood Tell them how you whooped Mix-a-Lot's ass good But what your homeboys don't know I'ma let them know If you ever wanna squabble I'ma crack your skull, bro 'Cause you need your narrow ass kicked You little buster ass snitch And I'ma say it once and never say it no more You ain't hard 'cause you once sold-- dope 'Cause you was slangin' like a straight up bitch Rolled over on your whole damn click And you can't spell dirt Let alone do none Paid your homies, but your Mom is broke son Now tell me who is a sell-out I'ma read your ass on the spell out PUNK! B-E-E-A-A-T-C-H- a.k.a. is Mr. Jake Little square ass mark boy, you ain't no gangsta---- You is a motherfucking Ainsta. [Verse 2: Sir Mix-a-Lot] First you wanna sound like Ice Cube Jumping on stage with a mic trying to mean mug fools Now you wanna be like Snoop But you can't Cause you fake with your shit, Nigga you and your crew Bitch Motherfucker out of Woodinville Faking just to get a little record deal Used to try to rap like Chuck D Ain't had a soul sister since I known you G Huh And thats real Now ask your homeboys how they feel And they will tell your ass the real Scoop up your cats With your fake gangsta ass You could fool them for a minute But that shit won't last You sound kind of hard on your demo But If your Mom and Dad heard it, they would beat your ass though Cause you is a bitch made gangsta sap Tellin' all these stories about your see through gat Ever since I known you you had one gat But like a cluck motherfucker you sold that Yeah You wanted me to come real Huh Now you got your cat peeled beeaatch And don't start frontin' bout your pimp game youngster You fuck your own hoes like a trick ass busta Learn the game brfore you claim it son Study Hustlers 101 You's a motherfuckin Ainsta (chorus:) [Verse 3: Sir Mix-A-Lot] What you did on the grind don't impress me Four years of slanging and your pockets is still empty And you say yu got street game Need to buffalo your money like a baller man But bitch made niggas get no love I done seen your pictures with your fake ass mean mug Kind of lookin' like a sweet thang An old pretty motherfucker with a swap meet ring Khakis nice and fit looking like your punk ass at the Chevron bitch Got your gut all bunched up Shirt tucked in' A forty in your hand with a stupid ass grin Fake like a motherfucker Swearing you is a player when your girl is with another sucker But you won't cut her loose, cause you can't shake her You is a motherfucking Ainsta (chorus:)

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