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Sleepin' Wit My Fonk

  • Исполнитель:

    Sir Mix-A-Lot
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Sleepin' Wit My Fonk”

  • How can a brother like Mix get played on? Used to get my fade on, now I'm sprayin Raid on Tryin to keep my game buck proof Salt-N-Pepa said +Shoop+, now my girl done cut loose One down, too many more to go But when did my game slip, bro? Cause I can't stand when a man reads my game plan Took my number, two girl, then ran Uhhh, now she got a brother named Dexter In a drop-top, rollin down Gessler But I'm the biggest mack in this town Lose one girl and muthafuckas wanna trip now Feel me, cause I'm about to get real, see Mad suckas wanna get 'em up wit me Get back, cause I bought me a big gat Now I got him on flat back Back to the brother named Dexter Feelin kinda proud I betcha, but I won't let cha Brag to the suckas in the hood though When you's a black man lookin like Fabio So when my girl comes back Tryin to get nasty n' make Dr. Richard get fat Get me sprung, you wish you could Now Mix gotta get wit Dexter's goods [Somebody, been sleepin wit my fonk] Don't funk with my fonk [Somebody, been sleepin wit my fonk] That's a no-no, partner [Somebody, been sleepin wit my fonk] Mmm-hm [Somebody, been sleepin wit my fonk] Mista Dexter is kinda feelin like a hero Watch Mix-a-Lot put him on zero Hit the streets in my Benz I'm lookin for Dexter's girlfriend If he got mine, I'm about to get his Cause that's the way it is in the mack biz Dexter's girl said she was his wife So now I gotta hit him with the mack knife So I pulled up (uhh!) tough, to get my mack on Baby girl tryin to show a little back bone But it's all good when she's seen That white 500 sittin in the front And get dressed, c'mon we gotta head west You can tell Mix what you wanna do next She said roll on down to the Edgewater Inn Aw, Mix done done it again A gut check, operatin on the suspect The object to make a girl's sex flex Baby starts to squiggle n' squirm And watch out baby, cause it's my turn Now I'm takin baby back home The rendezvous is straight ON Cause this is the game that I'm playin Now Dexter's bout to start sayin ... [Somebody, been sleepin wit my fonk] Don't funk with my fonk [Somebody, been sleepin wit my fonk] I done told ya, boy [Somebody, been sleepin wit my fonk] Gotta watch it, Dexter! [Somebody, been sleepin wit my fonk] Now I'm feelin like a champ, bumpin my amps Rollin wit a pocket full o' green stamps Picked up the cellular, callin my main thang But the phone just rang Uh oh! Paranoia got me trippin Am I slippin or is another brother spittin? Backtrackin my game, I remember one loose end Everybody's seen my Benz Damn, now I'm pullin on my goatee Jealousy'll make my enemies snitch, see Too many mack rhymes, too many mack lines Now it seems I'm about to get mine Walk into the crib-ah Check in like Virgil Tibbs-ah Lookin up under the bed fah evidence of Dexter Wonderin, wonderin if ... [Somebody, been sleepin wit my fonk] Don't funk with my fonk [Somebody, been sleepin wit my fonk] I done told ya, boy [Somebody, been sleepin wit my fonk] It's a step, partner [Somebody, been sleepin wit my fonk] Now walk it on down

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