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Take My Stash

  • Исполнитель:

    Sir Mix-A-Lot
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Take My Stash”

  • Huh! There's a black man livin in a big (big) house Three credit cards fulla fat (fat) clout Fatass garage holdin nine (nine) cars One of them Mack Daddy rap (rap) stars Me, rollin in the AMG still ?Six slater? with the monochrome grille Don't serve birds but I'm livin like a king But the IRS got a thing for a brother like me Uncle Sam wanna buy another missile (yep) Strip Mix-a-Lot straight down to the gristle (mm) I made a few mil' and the auditors come Sounds dumb, but this is how the phone got hung (yep) Somebody hated that Mix-a-Lot rep Straight-up snitch tryin to get Mix sw-ept But I'm back, the black dynamo's on track I got jack for the big tax Yep, they freeze my accounts, put a lean on my house (mmm) Straight left a nigga AAAAAASSED OUT Helicopters over my house (my house) Takin pictures of a brother in his draws wit his thing out (uhh) Livin the life of a suspected crook Cause I never play the game by the book If you're livin too large, ya better watch that ass Cause the IRS, Is gonna take yo stash Why you wanna take my stash? Why you wan' take my stash? Why you wanna take my stash? D-O-T came to my house, tell me wassup You wanna huff and puff and take a brother's stuff? Then I saw the treasury badge - This is bigger than One-Time, so I got mad So what do ya got to say about me, The M-I-X-A-L-O, T? He starts scopin my house, havin his doubts About a brother with street AND bank clout His partner was writin on a thick (thick) pad Checkin out the goodies that Mix (Mix) had Trippin off the things that I bought (bought) cash Tryin to send a brother up-state (state) fast Yep (yep), livin on the edge, I swear The government is tryin to keep a brother (brother) scared Rappers wanna talk about, life's unfair? Well I've seen the eyes of the big bad bear TAXMAN COMIN, TAXMAN TAKIN TAXMAN'S A PIMP, SO THE TAXMAN BREAKIN (yeah) Ordered my books, now who's the real crooks? On the streets, now I'm gettin funny looks ('sup fool?) Everybody's thinkin I'm broke (broke) Do I smoke (smoke), or am I sellin the coke? Now I'm keepin my receipts for the gas, Cause the IRS, Is tryin to take my stash Why you wanna take my stash? Why you wan' take my stash? Why you wanna take my stash? But +I Checks My Bank+ so I paid 'em (yep) They put a tap on my phone and I made 'em (mmm) I paid 'em, two hundred and eighty-five G's And now it's just a ninety-one fee (god damn) I ain't tellin no lies, fool, 'cause I'm real with this And muthafuckas can't deal with this Some call me the sixty mil' man And now I'm trippin off a uncle named Sam But a mack just can't go bank (bank) rupt Still payin well 'cause I make (make) cuts Accountants on the regular, checkin my ends Bought another fresh drop top (top) Benz Yep yep yep, +Just Da Pimpin in Me+ Twenty G's on the block when I hit L.B. Stashed a lil' bread in the ninety-three Bill collectors don't see me, G! In this fort, I'm the man with the miracle torque To pull through all sorts of them tax ?odds? In '94, I know I gotta think fast Cause they'll be back, tryin to take my stash (work too hard) Why you wanna take my stash? (work too hard) Why you wan' take my stash? (work too hard) Break it on down! Ha ha, bring it back! Why you wanna take my stash? Huh! Why you wanna take my stash? Why you wanna take my stash, fool? Yuh! Why you wanna take my stash? Why you wanna take my stash? Why you wanna take my stash ... mista guv' nah? Why you wanna take my staaaashhhh?

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