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  • Исполнитель:

    Sir Mix-A-Lot
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Bremelo”

  • [Sir Mix-A-Lot] Here's a gory kind a story about a ole be freak With a 40-inch waist and a 10-inch beak Overweight and out a shape with a triple chin Her brassiere strike fear in the hearts of men The girl's a Bremelo . The girl's a Bremelo . [Sir Mix-A-Lot] Me and Terry hoped the ferry we were lookin suave When I dip, hit the shift we were almost horse It was a big Bremelo standin on my toe Had an over jelly belly tryin to say hello I was really kind a frightened as she looked my way I tried to run because her buns made the ferry sway To be blunt she was fat and ready for combat All the way to Bremerton were the fat is at The girl's a Bremelo . Let's go . [Sir Mix-A-Lot] I love bacon over steak and about those big ole ducks She had hairy underarms and a whopping gut My hair was short and wavy, drove my pitbull crazy A Bremerton beast chasin fellas in the Navy After movie she's the feature, the Bremerton creature You wear a lifejacket if you ever try to freak her Look at her physique she ain't my kinda freak The floor creaks when the beast starts reachin her peak [Break - Sir Mix-A-Lot] The girl's a Bremelo . Just a Bremelo . Change the beat! (*beat changes, then changes back to the original*) [Sir Mix-A-Lot] You can't ignore the way she snores, cause she blows down doors Baby's got the kind a face only a mother adores A big basketball head with a 10-inch beak Big lips, no hips with the smell of a beast I couldn't put her in my Caddy or my tranny would break I heard a dirt because of poverty, but she took my cake When it comes to Kool-Aid the girl would drink it in pints You go to school for twenty years and your still in the ninth? You're just a Bremelo . Just a Bremelo . [Sir Mix-A-Lot] You pink triple-chin unattractive duck Your boyfriend beats freaks up to make a buck Hangin round 3rd and Pike, on a ten-speed bike You can say that I'm a liar, but you know I'm right You talk behind my back, because I dropped you flat And you never take a shower cause your too damn fat So your man was smart when he broke your heart Because if Mix-A-Lot a cut ya, you a fell apart Wearin polyester slacks, with elastic in the back You could flatten Schwarzenegger in a wrestling match You got lips like a character in some cartoon With a pink posterior, you big baboon Your just a (*sound of a elephant yelling*) (*sound of elephant yelling*) [Sir Mix-A-Lot] Now Bremerton's a city right outside of mine Most girls there are ducks, but a few are fine But the ones that I speak about Used their face for catchin trout Vacuum clears for a mouth You know what I'm talkin about Mud ducks, hockey pucks, drivers of Mack trucks Lame brains, diesel trains, pick 'em up you have to strain Big butt, crew cut, extraordinary gut Big momma, kinda buff, facial hairs a kinda rough [Outro - Sir Mix-A-Lot - talking] Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck Girl's a Bremelo Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck (*pig grunting noises are mixed in with word duck*) The girl's a Bremelo duck - repeated until fade

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