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F The BS

  • Исполнитель:

    Sir Mix-A-Lot
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “F The BS”

  • [Intro - talking] Like it was before, as usual Somethin different, the boy never sounds the same [Verse 1] Body by Nautilus and you ain't even with this I'm the man, all the homeboys wanna dis Crushin, killin, never beat stealin But I'm hell when it comes to rhyme dealin Death to competitors, long live Mix-A-Lot You understand motherfucker I'ma hard rock Beat 'em up and pick 'em up and make 'em miss the stick up But my gat close range, take his wallet, kick him in his cup Drop the games, cause they really ain't necessary You can be a water rated, boy you ain't legendary Sue it far in the Caddy, I'ma chillin To your girlies I'ma hero, to you suckers I'ma villian I've done, get me mad I might try Can't find a better rhyme, if you do you better buy it Serious and callous could be deadly to competitors What am I sayin? (your gonna get yours) [Chorus - *scratched*] F the BS .. F the BS .. F the BS .. [Verse 2] Memories of bein broke, keep me on the war path Hittin like a wreckin ball, Lord it's like a punk blast Swayed, raid in effect, my posse's with it Put a fifty on the floor, like a punk you wouldn't get it Neck snap, head crack, put you on a meat rack I ain't playin with you boy, you know I mean that Physical rhymes all meant to intimidate All niggaz take note, don't imitate Rippin is the cut, freaks scurry for my T-I-P Tryna get an autograph from M-I-X-A-L-O-T Down for the title match and you know what I'm talkin about Muscle bound, full of things, knock a sucker's lights out Bring it to my level, boy you better start climbin When she's grindin, I'm hardcore rhymin Lyric to your gut and all your lines just buckle When you make it to the top, I put these boots on your knuckles Walk into the party like a mob, wearin jet black Swass skin in effect, sportin coon hat Walk by sucker punk, look like eat crackers He mumbled somethin, so my posse walked backwards Catch 'em on the corner stone and hit 'em with the gat chrome Let 'em know my posse's gettin bigger, when were back home A big maulin, you know my beat is def You know who you are, F the BS [Break] Yeah boy, they rappin five slang Cuttin, you know who it is Comin back at ya, ain't gonna put your name on wax I really don't wanna make you famous sucker [Chorus] F the BS F the BS F the BS [Verse 3] Reconnect my dialect with modified jargon Heavy snaps, never lookin for a bargain Tumble when the pressure's on, walkin like a movie clips Slow mo, pants low, jeans layin off my hip Big shoes, laces loose, a rap warrior Real beat boy, leavin crowds in euphoria Transform, super fast, nice slice, what a blast Movin like the speed of light, so quick I shatter plexiglass (*beat changes*) Here's the beat and c'mon girlies get with it You like my tuning cabilities, admit it It's the man with the westbound attitude Big gold rope, rusty knuckles, ain't afraid of you Raise an eyebrow, try to figure out how Mix-A-Lot made the drums go (POW POW) Understand it's the undercover game plan Mix-A-Lot soon to be your (TOP MAN) Yes sirry and put my hammer on a convoy Mix-A-Lot on the stage I'ma (ROUGH BOY) Yes so rough boy, creepin up the backside Mix-A-Lot sign 'em up for the (BIG FIGHT) (*solo of the new beat*) (*two beats scratched*) (*scratched*) Raised, raised in LA [Verse 3] Dynamo, good to go, rough on your stereo I'm like a cannibal, got you like Rambo Don't like riff-raff kick you in the left calf I ain't a joke and no coke, buddy don't laugh I'm serious, my intention is to overthrow The rap government from Crenshaw to Tupelo It's like a bug always tickin in my mind It's tellin me buddy, it's time [Chorus - *scratched*] F the BS .. F the BS .. F the BS .. [Outro - talking] (*scratching continues*) Look here sucker, this is my program I'm about to throw down and take over the rap land You know what I'm sayin? Somethin different, somethin new Ain't none of that same old stuff you hear on your stereo You know I'm sayin, you know who I am Check me out F the BS, sucker Yeah, F the BS

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