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Mack Daddy

  • Исполнитель:

    Sir Mix-A-Lot
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Mack Daddy”

  • *SPOKEN* Mack Daddy Ain't you tired of that gameless mark smackin' you in your face baby? Mack Daddy You better roll with the big mack, the man with the game Mack Daddy Gotta big snake, all you gotta do is make it dance, you know what I'm sayin' Mack Daddy *RAP* I'm rollin' to another neighborhood Me 'n my boyz, up to no good Chasin' miniskirts 'n the ride is packed Rollin' to a mall called SeaTac Cruisin' 'n the cops don't like that 'Round the mall once 'n don't come back Four-door Rolls with the black exterior Turbo Bentley, white interior A Rolls Royce fulla big black men In the suburbs, messin' with citizens Walkin' in the mall, looka how I spit Sloppy dressed brothers make the females blitz Big long starters, black low tops Mack daddy hat got me lookin' like Pops But that's cool, cuz, I'm mackin' anyway 'N your females my prey 'N I'm callin' out skirts like Chuck D Sista we missed ya, get wit' me Comin', runnin, your boyfriends gunnin' The big boss is so cunnin' Some of my home boys hate me They get a microphone, then try to take me But you ain't slip, sayin' what's up Mix? Boy I'm hip to your tricks I'm the Mack Daddy Mack Daddy Yeah ain't no reason to bet ya 'Cause I'm the Mack Daddy Steadily mackin' Mack Daddy Kickin' in a buffed up Lamborgini If your females proper she gots to see me 'Cause I'm the king of the roll outs Mack Daddy is back still runnin' my mouth I see a freak on the SeaTac strip My Lamborgini's brakes get grip So I pull up on to The Spot I start frontin', 'cause I wanna get jocked Topped off the gas, whipped out my cash 'N one girls starts to laugh But I'm still smooth 'N my game is on, so I make my move Say, you in the white pants I'm a step close to ya, but I won't dance 'N what you laughin' at All the girls start pointin' at my hat 'N I'm a giggle wit' 'em, 'cause I just wanna get wit' 'em I don't hit 'em, I just wanna stick 'em So I pull baby girl to the side She said she likes my car I said take a ride So we flipped up the doors on the Contach But gettin' in a Lamborgini is hard So I grabbed baby girl by the rear end I thought she might need help gettin' in So I clos' the do' 'N now you kno' Mack Daddy is about to sco' The girl said, baby you can have me So I stopped at the tail 'Cause I'm the Mack Daddy Mack Daddy All you all gameless marks know Mack Daddy I'm the Mack Daddy Mack Daddy Yew I don't smoke no weed, but I like to G I don't mean O.G., I mean sex baby 'Cause a brother like me don't date I sling records 'n tapes The Rhyme Cartel with the Def American Gettin' brothers sprung like Farrakhan 'N I'm stuffin' my ladies pumps In the backa my Benz I humps I'm nasty 'n proud To hell with cool, I'm G'in' 'em loud Other people at the hotel gets no rest 'Cause Mixalots bumpin' them headrests She got booty for days Other brothers is pullin' up But she ain't phased 'Cause I laid my game like a concrete slab She's the kinda skirt a mack gotta have Rollin', showin' her off 'N some fool tried to call me soft He's in a one nine seven two skin head caddy A old superfly mack daddy So my girl stepped out 'n he tried to mack But she ain't havin' that You see your game is weak, G My girl, I ain't slappin', I'm mackin' 'N rappin' Mack Daddy I'm the Mack Daddy Mack Daddy I'm the Mack Daddy Mack Daddy Come over here and get some of this snake Mack Daddy I'm the Mack Daddy

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