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The Jack Back

  • Исполнитель:

    Sir Mix-A-Lot
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “The Jack Back”

  • {*first twenty seconds are some movie*} "in this country a man's home is his castle.." [sir mix-a-lot] I've been jacked by the racist scum, and here i come Klan, run - cause revenge is fun! and i'm that one To make you tapdance with a shotgun On donahue they said they had weapons Just to teach black people one lesson But i ain't goin to your school of fools So come here, and look at my tools! You can meet and greet the glock 19 in your nostrils I'll splatter your dreams Plans to overthrow are left in limbo Cause one loco bro chose to dispose of you And your skinhead crew I ain't a house nigga with a twenty-two I dump a hollow-point slug in your windpipe Try to breathe {*choking*} believe the hype Cause this ain't the jungle fool And i don't throw spears, and i ain't leavin here! A nazi and you ain't never seen germany But you was lookin for a enemy So you found a young brother with cash Crashed my glass, snatched my whole stash Boy i'ma getcha back, like it ain't no thang Show you what i learned from the gangs Stack em up deep in a six-nine deuce Long range scopes for the whole damn group Hangin outside a club called moonshine Waitin for the right time.. There he is, walkin in the levi's blue cut The wicked one dropped two shots in his butt I can't solve racism with a gat But this is where my head's at - get em with a jack back! "you ask me the niggers around here Been treated awful bad for a long time.." [the wicked one] I've been sayin this, i gotta fix em I wanna fix em with a crucifixion Nail em to a cross and burn em Burn em burn em burn em! It's been said that this would happen Skanless skinheads jackin All up in the crib insult for takin my force I had to break north The leader had a spraypaint can And on my wall wrote, 'death to the black man' Burned a cross in front of the hideout Hopin they could get my race to die out I'ma cause em pain, physical and mental I speak slowly - through the temple The wicked one is talkin trouble Blastin skulls into pieces of puzzle Damage em so bad, they can't stop me Not enough body left to get an autopsy Skinheads, stakin em out Bloodshed, takin em out Caught one of em, mix said, "go ahead" Thirty-eight, straight to his forehead I hit em hard and it hit the spot I punish and plot with mix-a-lot Now where's the leader at? gotta get him back Gotta get the gat, gotta get the axe Call it a revengeful murderous pact.. Call it the jack back! "some things are worth killing for" [sir mix-a-lot] They burned a cross in my yard, caught a brother off guard But i can't cry, cause i'm hard! They jacked another black, but this black wants payback I rack up killin stats! Now i'm on the hunt with a 12-gauge pump Massive hardware's in my trunk Creepin low.. and slow There's one - roll down the window Whassup, fool?!! ("noooooooooo!!") *buck buck buck* It ain't done til the punk stops breathin; Watch kunta kinte get even! It goes like that when a brother stays strapped Couldn't get a job so i learned to rap Livin kinda large and the skinheads hate me Run up in my house and they tried to take me Now i got the metal to his dome A desert eagle, dipped in chrome I got a black stocking cap yanked over my face Anger is takin rationality's place Hitler's in the house and i'm takin him out He shouts but the barrel's in his mouth Before i shoot, he wants to know if i'm white or black I yank my mask - this has been a jack back! "these boys were trained activists.." [the wicked one] I'm not a slave but the ku klux klan And the aryan nation say i am! What's behind the skinheads out to getcha? The reincarnation of hitler Now i got a murderous attitude I'm in a put em in a casket mood! Remember the days of slavery? They hung many black men from a tree We fought to be free real hard And the black man's freedom must not be scarred! Callin me an african sambo But after this, "american psycho" And i'll smoke any skinhead racist With the black glock that's in my fist And the morgue'll be packed in body stacks Memories due to the jack back Caught the leader of the skinhead clan You know the one with the spraypaint can Drilled him with a crowbar {*gargling*} die! In the left ear, out the right eye Then i took a knife to his chest Carved a wicked message in a bloody mess It was a warning for the rest of his pack "this nigga got him with a jackback!"

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