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Judith Heavenwood

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Judith Heavenwood”

  • Judith Heavenwood (1810-1830) Waking so lost In the cold and dark forest I gazed upon the light Shimmering in the horizon Beyond the trees I felt compeled To walk into this light Hidden beneath the bushes I gasped as I saw What was creating This gloomy sight A woman, so fragile And perfect lines had she So beauty and white Was her pretty face (She gazed upon my eyes and called me next to her) Without thinking I obeyed Come, come to me Don't be afraid With such a voice So pure and soft I felt so weak Listening to her Naked before me Lying in the leaves so pure She invited me to lay down With her and touch her body So warm and soft were her breasts So hot was she within her legs I sink my body within hers I touched heaven and paradise Her moan brought me such delight As I never felt before When the peak was reached I rested beside her So calm and happy were we That we felt asleep When I finally woke up All alone and weary I noticed I was in a clearing outside the forest (Then appeared a young girl And she said to me: Beware the ghost of lady Judith Heavenwood Wandering in the forest of Heavenwood Then I saw a scar wrapped in my hand With the inscriptions J.H.)

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