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What Would Dolly Do


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “What Would Dolly Do”

  • Caught you in the saddle with some Jolene Looks like she lost a battle with Maybelline I got an open mind but 3-ways ain't my scene I may not be from Tennessee but you know I got a lot of Dolly in me And there's a Smokey Mountain law that says Thou shalt not cheat So take your truck and shove it I know how much you love it And it's a good thing 'Cause that's where you're moving to I'm gonna pull that wig down off the shelf Go high heels up with someone else 'Cause I ask myself what would Dolly do? Say where'd you find ole bumper lips She sure could use some beauty tips And I could fix her up for good with my two fists You're lucky I'm still taking meds 'Cause I'd burn this house down 'round your head I could shoot you too But I'll pray for you instead Should I make my hair a little taller? Should I make my waist a little smaller? Wanna pick up the phone and call her right now Right now Well, I may look just like Barbie 2 But this ain't my first barbecue The question is what would Dolly do?

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