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I Didn't


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “I Didn't”

  • They say that opposites attract Well I can see it now as I look back If I wanted this He wanted that We'd bark and hiss like dogs and cats Well the thing that drove me up a tree Is the way he loved to disagree Each time we had a difference of opinion Well he liked the covers pulled down But I didn't He though I should gain a few pounds And I didn't What finally tore our love apart Was a matter of religion Te thought he was God But I didn't Well it was more than just a lovers spat And the civil war of the thermostat We'd wail and wail like a manaics Throwin shoes and bric-a-brac Well I can see him now in his muscle shirt With those perky pecks And that cocky smirk Standin' there Pushin' all my buttons Well he liked the toilet seat up But I didn't He thought I should be a C cup And I didn't What finally tore our love apart Was a matter of religion He thought he was God And I didn't He really though he was the man Held my whole world in his hands But if he ever comes down from that could he's sittin' on Hallelujah brothers and sisters I'll be gone

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